Join the Adidas Blogger Cup and win Prizes!

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Join the #AdidasBloggerCup and Win Adidas’ merchandise!

Ok, I got involved in this Adidas Blogger Cup project because I was heavily influenced by the friends around me. To me, Adidas is a comfortable and stylish (and high-end) sports brand which I would like to own but it’s not a must-have. But after knowing a particular friend who only wears Adidas apparels, it kinda changed my perception. Yes, when I said “only wears”, it means top to toe- shirt, pants, shoes, bags, sometimes even umbrellas too! He is no other than my Brunei blogger friend RanoAdidas (Yes, even his social media handles have the word adidas too!)
ranoadidasBesides Rano, my family, especially my sister, are also fans of the Adidas brand too. That’s why I decided to join the #AdidasBloggerCup to share the joy!

With the arrival of the Fifa World Cup, Adidas being the official sponsor for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ should, of course, prepare all the fans for the event. When I got to know that they are giving out promotion codes to every participants who submit the correct answer, as well as picking a lucky winner for every question to win Adidas Fifa World Cup merchandise, it is like Christmas come early for me!

Do You Know?
The relationship between FIFA and adidas dates back more than 40 years. Since 1970, adidas has been supplying the official match ball for all FIFA World Cup™ matches. It goes without saying that for every FIFA World Cup™, adidas designers and developers aim at devising the perfect ball by combining innovative technology and exciting and unique design to make the Official Match Ball the true icon of every FIFA World Cup™.

So I will be posting up new questions here every Tuesdays and Thursdays till the end of June 2014 so that everyone (fan or not) gets a chance to grab something great from here!

Latest Update

Wow, I’m surprised I managed to climb from 11th to 8th position despite missing the deadline for the first 2 questions. It has been a fun experience getting friends to join the adidas contest and we are now at the very last question!
Leaderboard for Bloggers 2

(FINAL) Question 8

Date start: June 24, 2014
Date End: June 29, 2014

adidas Blogger Cup question 8


The answer is about the man in the video.
Mi_ _ l_v K _ _e

Key In Your Answer Here

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 8)
Remember to key in my blog address ( as the blog you are entering from! Things to Note! You will also win a promo code as long as you answer the question correctly. Do key in “” as the blog you are supporting for! adidas Blogger Cup fill in P.S. This is a contest held by Adidas Malaysia. So the promotion code for the adidas e-store and the prizes are valid with a Malaysian address. However I’ve made arrangement with an intermediate agent who can assist any overseas participants who wish to purchase or redeem the prizes. – extra charges may occur – interested parties may comment below for more information


Question 7

Date start: June 19, 2014 Date End: June 24, 2014 adidas Blogger Cup question 7


The answer is about the man in the video.

Key In Your Answer Here

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 7)


Question 6

Date start: June 17, 2014
Date End: June 22, 2014
adidas Blogger Cup question 6


The answer is about the pattern on the boot. An extra tip: Compare the black and white pattern on the shoes.

Key In Your Answer Here

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 6)


Question 5

Date start: June 12, 2014
Date End: June 17, 2014

adidas Blogger Cup question 5

Key In Your Answer Here

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 5)

Question 4

Date start: June 10, 2014 Date End: June 15, 2014 adidas Blogger Cup question 4


One country begins with the letter J (5 letter name) and the other is ME (6 letter name)

Key In Your Answer Here

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 4)

Question 3

Date start: June 5, 2014 Date End: June 10, 2014

Clue 1

adidas Blogger Cup question 3

Clue 2

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 3)


Question 2

Date start: June 3, 2014 Date End: June 8, 2014 

Clue 1

adidas Blogger Cup question 2

Clue 2

adidas Blogger Cup

Good Luck!
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Disclaimer: Contest information and prizes are provided by Adidas Malaysia. Do note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

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On June 5, 2014

13 Responses to Join the Adidas Blogger Cup and win Prizes!

  1. Joshua Hideki says:

    Great contest! 🙂
    I love adidas

  2. Adidas is one of popular brand’s of World. Famous for their designs and quality.

  3. Aisha Kristine Chong says:

    One of the most popular brands in the sports field – goodluck to everyone!

  4. mrslookinggood says:

    Adidas is one of the brands that I use for any sport activity. High quality, great design and priced just right.

    Good luck to all contest participants in the #AdidasBloggerCup!

  5. kareen liez says:

    Great idea for a contest! This is indeed fun especially that you are doing it with Adidas!

  6. Maya says:

    Think I’ll show this to my brother, he’s really into sports and this should very much interest him 🙂 Cool contest!

  7. Aashi says:

    I’m an adidas fan too. And of course love contests too. Its feels so nice to win something 🙂

  8. franckxethee says:

    I’m a fan of adidas apparels and this is a nice contest they have with the world cup.

  9. Great contest! I will share this around my friends. World Cup Fever has hit us here in South Africa too.

  10. Raluca L.C. says:

    This is a very interesting contest. I have to show it to my boyfriend, he’ll be thrilled.
    Best of luck to everybody!

  11. joren says:

    Having a contest like this is a great thing especially a Malaysian contestants.

  12. Michelle says:

    I myself is adidas fan,they are really great.Love their products.

  13. radhivenni says:

    I love adidas products very much ,you are lucky
    Thanks for sharing dude

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