SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (杀破狼2之杀无赦) Movie Review

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SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (杀破狼2之杀无赦) Movie Review | by tiffanyyong.com

Recommended Audience: Fans of Tony Jaa 托尼贾, Louis Koo 古天乐, Wu Jing 吴京, Simon Yam 任达华, Zhang Jin 张晋, Soi Cheang 郑保瑞, Unda Kunteera Yhordchanng, Kenneth Low Wai-kwong 卢惠光 and action movie fans

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SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (杀破狼2) Movie Synopsis

A tough Hong Kong cop Kit (Wu Jing) busts a major gangster only to find his cover blown and his main witness gone. The gangster in retaliation has him kidnapped and put in a Thai jail with a false criminal identity.
SPL 2 Movie stillA lowly prison guard Chai (Tony Jaa) with extraordinary fighting skills guards Kit and prevents his escape from prison. The prison guard’s daughter suffers from a rare form of leukemia and Kit is the only donor who can save her. The prison guard discovers Kit’s real identity and helps him to escape in return for his agreeing to save his daughter. Together Kit and Chai must face the gangster and his minions and take them down.

SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (杀破狼2之杀无赦) Viewer Rating: 4/5 ****

SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (杀破狼2之杀无赦) Movie Review:

SPL2 Zhang JinSPL 2 was a film which I have been wanting to catch for the longest time, but did not do so, thanks to a particular friend who discouraged me and told me it was a lousy film. Luckily, 1 month after the film was out, another friend decided to watch this with me, and I totally regretted not watching this any sooner! In this film, there were plenty of surprises, excitement as well as touching moments. SPL2 Louis Koo 2I will start with the antagonist of the film, Louis Koo who had a special appearance in the film, plays a frail but evil rich man. As a man who embodies all the irony, it was interesting to see what a man would do when he’s nearing death. The title : A Time for consequences, provide an apt description of how karma works, for both the bad and the good. SPL2 Tony Jaa fatherBesides Fast and Furious 7, this is the second film I’ve watched with Tony Jaa starring in it (I’ve missed Skin Trade). Many people perceive him as an action movie star who can’t act. But here, he proved the audience wrong, acting as the father, Chatchai whose daughter Sha (Unda Kunteera Yhordchanng) down with leukaemia. I once read this quote somewhere – the recipe for a film (that sells) is guns (or action) and women. Here in SPL 2, I see that a girl can do the job too. Equally well, if not better. Being the only female actress in this film, Unda Kunteera Yhordchanng managed to balance up the masculinity of the film without the typical boobs and sex appeal! And of course, not to forget her fighting spirit that we should learn from: As long as we don’t give up, there will be hope.

SPL2 Ren Da HuaAnother reason why I like this film so much was because of the intertwining relationship between the characters. The man who could save Tony Jaa’s leukaemia daughter was right in front of him (Kit) all the time. Some might find it unbelievable, yet that is how life is. Simon Yam’s character in the film said, “The wrong things will happen at the most-correct moment/time.” (错的事情,都发生在最对的时间里) While this might seem a little philosophical (it took my friend some time to figure out what he meant), it is exactly what karma is like, at times. Certain things happened for a reason, and only when one learn from the lesson, he will realise why that happened. While I find it a little unbelievable when Simon Yam’s character was able to go all out to save his nephew, Kit (Wu Jing), his never-give-up spirit was admirable. SPL2 Wu Jing fightMany action films had fighting scenes for the sake of fighting. Here, every fight was for a cause, different for each character, yet linked together by a brilliant action choreography. My favourite moment was the jail break scene where more than 200 actors were involved in that long take. You will be amazed by the different characters’ individual fighting style. Tony Jaa’s signature “Ong Bak” moves, Zhang Jin’s elegant and classy stunts as well as Wu Jing’s powerful swift moves. Definitely an action film worth every single cent of your money.

Do You Know?

SPL2 Louis KooLouis Koo Like his character’s look in the film a lot. Different from his usual performance and appearance, he sacrifice his usual charming look and created this evil character’s look with the director. The look was created when he appeared at the production set one day with a surgical mask and the director did not recognize him, hence he decided to do the same for the movie. SPL2 Final Fight sceneTony Jaa is famous for his signature furious elbow assault and the double knee drop (muay thai) while Zhang Jin is good with his Tai Chi (he teaches Chow Yuen Fatt and Zhang Ziyi martial arts). As for Wu Jing, he has more than 10 years of kungfu acting experiences (he was the antagonist in the first SPL film 10 years ago). The 3 experts with different martial expertise is one of the main highlight of this film. SPL2 Wu Jing Zhang JinAlthough they play opposing roles in SPL2, Zhang Jin and Wu Jing knew each other for more than 30 years. Zhang Jin is always the calm and peaceful one in real life although he often play the villain role in film. On the other hand, Wu Jing is the hot-blooded and rash fellow who used to get into fights, but he often get the protagonist (good) character in films. SPL2 Wu JingWu Jing was kicked more than 500 times for the final fight scene. The director request to have real fighting actions so that it will look realistic on slow-motion. SPL2-Unda Kunteera YhordchanngTony Jaa has married his long time girlfriend in late 2011 and is a father for his 2.5 year old daughter “Tiny Jaa”. This enable him to act the role of a father better. He was so engrossed in the film and character that he cried when he saw his on-screen daughter, Unda Kunteera Yhordchanng bleeding. In the end, little Unda had to come and comfort him instead.

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SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (杀破狼2之杀无赦) is out in cinemas on 2 July 2015.

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On July 3, 2015

30 Responses to SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (杀破狼2之杀无赦) Movie Review

  1. […] is Louis Koo’s first attempt at a proper action flick. In the previous SPL II: A Time for Consequences (2015), he was a sickly evil man, but this time, he turned into a Hong Kong police who’s also […]

  2. […] Most people might not be familiar with Zhang Jin (Zhang Tian Zhi 張天志). This wushu expert was often as Ada Choi’s (蔡少芬) husband. But recent years, I recognize him as the badass whom you can’t help but want him to die quickly in From Vegas to Macau Wing (赌城风云) and SPL II: A Time for Consequences (杀破狼2). […]

  3. Karen says:

    It’s been a long while since I’ve seen Chinese/Singaporean action film. What I love here are the cinematic effects and the action scenes

  4. Yvonne Bertoldo says:

    I’m not really a fan of “martial arts” movie but this one seems like a very emotional movie. Seems like the cast did a job well done with that rating 🙂

  5. Manu Kalia says:

    I’m sure this is a full pack action film. I might see it in the big screen. Looking forward on the international release.

  6. Ling Tan says:

    i am revealing my age saying this… I like Simon Yam.. he looks even better with age 😉

  7. Sunshine Kelly says:

    There are a few of my favourite male actors like Simon Yam forever so yeng. He just has a natural flare of macho style. Tony Jaa and Wu Jing are cool. I have watch SPL1 hopefully this is good.

  8. nacaroinc says:

    I have a friend that would totally love this movie. It seems pretty good.

  9. Raymond Vasquez says:

    I’m not into action nowadays yet. but I could always make an exception. 😀

  10. franckxethee says:

    This looks really action packed. You’ll really stay glued for this one.

  11. Papaleng Pagulong says:

    Seems a nice action film. Though I am not familiar with the actors. Jackie Chan and Jet Li, hope they do new films, for I am fan of both of these guys.

  12. aurikamatias says:

    I’m not really an action film fan 🙁 But to those who likes action films, they might like this one. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Kai says:

    I really dont like action movies much for the fact that i cant stand seeing too much blood. T_T i doubt if ill watch this.

  14. Anne V says:

    Cool movie! I love action flicks. I wouldn’t miss watching A Time For Consequences, I just hope they show it in cinemas here in Manila. 🙂

  15. poojakawatra says:

    Movie looks quite interesting here but somehow i am not a lover of action packed movie to watch them in theatre.

  16. Jason Panuelos says:

    This movie looks totally action-packed and moving!! The movie looks totally awesome 😀

  17. Fred says:

    Why were you looking forward to this movie? Were you a fan of SPL1? I like Tony Jaa, so I think I will check it out if it gets shown here or on dvd. – Fred

  18. nicol says:

    does tony jaw have more on screen time than when he was in fast and furious 7? i liked him it that

  19. Girl, Unspotted says:

    Looking through the screenshots, it looks like an interesting movie. However, I haven’t been into foreign movies lately because I hate having to wear my glasses when watching.

  20. PrayerFull Mum says:

    The storyline is so interesting – how Kit and Chai got acquainted and helping one another. I shall wait for the DVD to watch this, hehe. Thanks for the review 🙂

  21. Claire Algarme says:

    I like reading your movie reviews because we seldom have these in our cinemas. But my family and I like to watch other Asian movies so your posts are really helpful.

  22. Aliza Sara says:

    I wonder if i purchase a DVD on this, would they have subtitles? Sounds like an interesting story line.

  23. tumandok says:

    A typical Filipino plot as I should say for I used to see PH action movies wherein kidnapping, family slaughter, among others are the usual plot. But this one is worth to be seen by everybody especially those viewers who love thrill and actions. – Gil Camporazo

  24. Fernando Ceballos Lachica says:

    When it comes to martial arts, I liked Tony Jaa as an action star with lots to offer especially the fight scenes. He’s like a “snake” that his body moves with certainty. More power to him always!

  25. Elizabeth O. says:

    Sounds like an action packed movie that is also filled with drama. Very interesting!

  26. Lori says:

    Interesting recommendation. Not the usual movie I’d see, but I’ll take it in consideration:)

  27. Dannea says:

    Looks interesting. I’m not into gritty action movies a lot but I think I’m gonna give this a try. Those martial arts moves look really cool. Thanks for the review!

  28. Ng Yee Tat says:

    There was a ballad played during the scene when Simon Yam and Wu Jing’s characters had to fight their way out of the human butchery. This is the youtube link for the song.

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