Author: Epiphany Duplet


Bio: Epiphany: / ɪˈpɪf(ə)ni,ɛˈpɪf(ə)ni / noun / A moment of sudden and great revelation. Duplet: / ˈdjuːplɪt / noun / 2 electrons working together, forming a bond between atoms. || Derived from the anagram of the duo's name, whom met through a film project acting as lovers. After which as fate would have it, couples indeed they became. And now together they bring to you staycations & travelogues, beauty and relationship tips, your one-stop-shop to all the fun things you can do with your special someone. || @PepsGoh: Actor || Action Choreographer || Free Running Athlete || Videographer @Tiffanyyongwt4242: Actor || Blogger || Consultant

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