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About Tiffany Yong

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Tiffany calls herself the A.B.C Girl simply because it is a conversation starter during her many event appearances. Rather than an American Born Chinese, she is a M.B.S (Malaysia Born Singaporean – not Marina Bay Sands!) who is very passionate about Acting, a little less about Blogging, and does Consultation to fuel her addiction for bubble tea. Yes, consultation is available for both adults (marketing) and kids (tutoring)!


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Due to her obsession with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (esp. Pink Ranger), hence gymnastics, growth spurts stopped at the age of 13 and Tiffany has given up on her dreams to be Singapore’s Next Top Model since then. She has to settle for the next best position: Singapore’s Short A.B.C Girl-Next-Door. Assertive Affectionate, Bitchy Bubbly and Cynical Cute this time.


Her petite frame is also the very reason why she often finds herself getting the victimized roles in paranormal films despite being a dare-devil at heart. With that, she found it a miracle when she won Cheryl Wee’s Happy Shiny People Contest and got to star as the female lead for the singer’s Music Video; as well as the winner of Bryan Wong’s hosting contest in Channel U’s Veteran and Rookie.

Tiffany is happy to consider acting, hosting, speaking engagements, interviews, guest appearances and endorsements for suitable brands.


Seen and Heard on: Channel U | Channel 5 | Channel 8 News | OMY.sg | iN988 | Toggle | Safra
Travel Partners:
Gaya Travel | Malaysia Tourism Board | Brunei Tourism Board | Royal Brunei Airlines


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On April 22, 2014

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