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Rock Republic is my first ever “official” filming and acting experience as a “singer”.  I was actually at a low peak in my life when I got this offer, and I took it up so that I can forget the pain through work. I made a few friends and had a lot of fun fooling around with them.

This was also my last day with my braces of less than 18 months! (Look at my toot* hairstyle. Lol… I just had a trim la, which made me look a bit awkward)

Rock Republic

My guitarist and me 🙂

We were asked to memorise a line from a song (demo tape) and perform on stage. So my guitarist’s string broke in the midst when I was singing, causing the contest to be a failure. Initially, I don’t know what this show is about at all, all I know was that it’s a contest with some guys trying to make themselves win and everyone else lose!

Rock Republic

Shantay with her band

Another team (Shantay) was given a drink which caused her to lose her voice! So who’s the culprit?

Rock Republic

The evil twin!

It was really fun with no pressure as it’s a kids drama! Haha… the group of extras had fun fooling around while waiting for our turn. Shantay and I had to go down again for voice recording for the singing part as we were actually lip-syncing from the demo tape.


It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

Photo with the director before leaving~

Photo with the director before leaving~

Do catch the show every Sunday (starting from 30 September 2012) at 11.30am! ROCK REPUBLIC is a whirlwind musical odyssey that makes children question everything they have ever known.

Catch the snippet of my part here !
To watch the full series, visit Channel 8’s xinmsn!


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On May 31, 2012

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