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It was really fun chaotic at FUNaMANIA 2012 (haha, that”s why it”s called Fun-a-mania right?)

Thanks for watching the video.  I know it”s really short as there were a lot of parts where I couldn”t capture (because I was busy taking photos with the celebrities! haha) But I will elaborate more using the photos I”ve taken!

Flower Boys Search at Funamania 2012 (The Arena)

Funamania 2012

6 Finalists for Absolute Flower Boys: (L-R) Ying Long, Wei Ting, Dillon, Alfred, Wei Sheng, Wei Nian

So who do you think I vote for? (*hint: the only one with light coloured pants!)

So the winner is… (drum roll please)

Funamania 2012

Runner up: Ying Long from “Let”s Talk 3” and Desmond Tan (squeal*)

Winner: Wei Sheng

OK, to be truthful, I didn”t think Wei Sheng fits the “Flower Boy” title, he”s more “Manly” than “Flower”… haha… but still, congratulations to Wei Sheng for winning the title!

The event continued with the celebrities coming on stage and playing games, and the cast from the 2 new Channel U Drama, “Marry Me”  and “Start-Up!” also came and did some dancing and catwalk according to the twitter fan”s request. (I couldn”t tweet the whole night, must be the m1 network…zzz…. apparently I was in Singtel territory and Singtel users could access internet perfectly fine there!)

Funamania 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style!

Fanamania 2012

Nearing the end of the event, it”s “RUSH-TO-TAKE-PHOTOS-WITH-CELEBRITIES-TIME! casino online uk Hahah

Funamania 2012

With Ying Long

Zhang Zhen Huan

Funamania 2012

Kate Pang Lei Xin

Lee Teng

Funamania 2012

Jeremy Chan, another host for Funamania… he”s really nice and funny!

Ya Hui

Pierre Png

Funamania 2012

Candyce Toh 🙂

Not to forget, the testube II team! mua mua!

Once again, thanks Channel U for inviting me to Funamania 2012.
For more photos of the gorgeous celebrities, check out Channel U”s Funamania 2012 Photo album


Event invitation from Channel U Mediacorp.
No monetary compensation was received for the event coverage.

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On November 17, 2012

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